Monday, September 26, 2011


My girl Vanika has released another single, titled Jibeba. I have to say this new song has a new up beat to it. Makes you want to dance, and it's the type of song that sticks on your head for days, or maybe that's just me.

In her song the new definition of Jibeba is: A woman who carries with her POWER, INTELIGENCE, INDEPENDENCY and COURAGE.

The video was done by Sakata Media (green screen video).

Oh yes! Of course I had to be present on that day to show support and give motivation.
She did such a great job, she has such great energy. Here is some pics we took at the video-shoot.

above is Jessica her dancer, loved this picture.

Above is Vanika and Jessica

Have to say Vanika looks fierce in the above picture.

Here is part of the support group, the Obura's. You know Vanika, I'm the one in pink, then my sister is on my other side, Jessica, Shikanda (hiding) and Dan.

Another picture, almost like the one above but you can see Shikanda's face in this one.

From the left you have Shikanda, Beryl, Dan, Vanika, Emmanuella, Asiko and me.

As you can see we had so much fun that day.

I also took some pictures of Vanika as an aspiring photographer (well more like my hobby). Here are my favourite pictures of the shoot: 

I then used the pictures to do a short audio clip for my girl Vanika, so people could get to hear her song on the internet before the official video came out. You can check it out below if you want.

Then finally the video came out. Please check it out and let me know what you think of the video & song Jibeba.

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