Sunday, September 25, 2011

Raha Yangu

I have a couple of photo-shoots that I usually take of my friends and I decided its time I put them up on my blog. I probably should have started this earlier since they are piling up now. I'm not really a professional photographer or anything. I usually do this as a hobby, and its a plus that people love them. I have a Sony Cyber-shot camera 14.1 Mega Pixels which is what I use. I really want to get a hd camera since I'm in-love with photography.

The first time I did a serious photo-shoot was for my girl Vanessa a.k.a. Vanika who's an Aspiring Kenyan Artist. The pictures I took was for her song 'Raha Yangu' audio, to put it up on youtube so that people could get to hear her song. Here are some of the pics that I really liked:

Here is the video I put up for her with some more pictures from the shoot: 

Hope you like.

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