Thursday, January 18, 2018

Taking pride in your work

Here I am at it again, putting out content but I still find myself fearing critics and scared of being judged. I’m not sure if any other creatives have this same problem but I keep finding myself having so much to do but nothing substantial. If you think about the worthlessness of the things and the time and effort you use creating, it’s insane! I end up wondering if it’s even worth doing. At least one thing is for sure is that knowing the worth of something helps me prioritize and determine whether I should spend time on it or not.  

I have to admit that not being in a work setting has made my organization a lot more complicated. So, this year I am thinking of setting up projects to do on my own. That way, I can work on a lot and share, just to keep me busy. Lucky for me I have a platform to show some of my creative content.
Feel free to download some of my work on the links below:

As creative’s we have so much advantage now that we are able to gather viewers from all over the world to see our work. Example, just on this blog I get about 100 viewers on a post. So I shouldn’t really have an excuse as a creative for not creating and sharing work. It’s not like when I used to paint and had my work up at galleries. I would go back and check only to find them stashed somewhere in the back of a dead pile of deserted paintings. When I ask they would say they were rearranging, and there’s too many other paintings to put up. It was obvious none of my paintings were being seen or bought though I still find it challenging as an artist to break through the market now.

It’s interesting how we search for our value of work based on other people’s approvals. We lack the ability to determine our own value and appreciation of our work such that we find ourselves putting it alongside other people’s work so we can compare and hope ours will be picked over others.
If there’s anything I have learned it’s, there’s enough room for all of us creatives digitally to make it. Digitally we’ve got a space where anyone in the web can showcase their work for anyone in the world to find. We no longer have to run the streets and look for spaces in galleries, we no longer have to search for audiences or make invites for people to come see what we’ve done. We no longer have to set specific times and dates for a limited amount of time to put out something. Now we get a chance to keep up our work for as long as we like on a digital platform and anyone anywhere can access it anytime.

The truth is that I hadn’t really thought about that before. It’s funny how we kind of sit there and hope someday someone will discover us. Kind of how Christopher Columbus one day discovered America or how Johann Ludwig Krapf discovered Mt. Kenya. As if they magically appeared. That notion of thinking only confirms that people don’t really see the value of things unless it’s emphasized upon. Makes me wonder why we seek approval from other people for the value of our things as if their opinions of our things are much more important to us than our own opinions. Like what makes one thing more valuable than the other? Take gold or diamonds for instance, as opposed to Amethyst? Is it because someone else decided its importance for us and the whole lot kind of just went with it? How do we sit down through a critic’s choice award and give awards based on someone’s critics knowing very well after watching some of those movies ourselves we liked nothing about them?
All I’m trying to say at the end of the day, it’s all about taking pride in your work. Not everyone will appreciate it but at least you do. I mean you took the time and effort to create it, so you might as well take pride in it.

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I took a lot of elephant amazing shots last year, some of which are on my portfolio and made a digital calendar for the year. So if you are interested in the digital copy of this Spinkly Calendar for this year (2018) you can buy it below for a dollar and it will be sent to you email. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dare to be different!

I’m not one to argue with nature. I see its outstanding forms of beauty. It’s incredible how everything somehow adapts to survive, to continue living. It’s amazing how everything is living in the present, adapting capabilities and ways to survive based on instinct. I have a habit of taking a couple of shots for one place to keep still the time of the different scenes captured of the same place. Many shots taken of one memory producing different awesome images.

It’s not like a still life image where you take the shot of one thing that even by the amount of many clicks at different times, the pictures remain the same. Unlike nature where you stay at the same spot, take several pictures you produce different images. You find the variations in the pictures such that the clouds moved, the leaves shifted, so on and so forth. Movement is a reminder of reality where something is living. It is a reminder of a life form in its presence and how nothing is ever the same with time. In fact that’s the beauty of a landscape, its nature, its ability to be captured at that point in time and feel its presence.

That’s the amazing thing about life. The same way I can relate to nature, we look at our mentors or the people we look up to, read so many stories, looking for our similarities. Make choices based on other people’s choices and their outcomes expecting the same fate. Thinking because it worked for them it must for us. We forget that with nature, nothing is identical, nothing is ever the same. We forget that we are all special beings, that everything we do is unique, particular and that we’re the only copy.

Somehow we should find comfort in knowing that we create our own stories. That we make the best out of what we’re given. We should capture the essence of our different forms, which are the different paths we face. We should be able to focus on our own story and try to understand what our story is telling us. We should also be able to learn from own stories. Of course that shouldn’t mean that we limit ourselves from learning from other people’s stories, or experiences of their so called paths in life. If anything we should pick a thing or two and be able to understand that it doesn’t determine how ours ends. Instead, those stories should mold us into better beings, and gives us a head start in the right direction. It should give us a better path to follow with the hopes of a better ending. Otherwise if our lives were all the same like a still image, we would know the outcome. How boring would that be? Wouldn’t we lack motivation? So why not embrace your differences, live your story and make it a beautiful one! 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

To the New Year and new resolutions!

A sample of a lettering font I created on illustrator 

I want to start this year right and that means posting at least one blog for every month.
If there is anything I have learned… Don’t share out your plans with anyone, let your actions speak for themselves. You don’t know whether people are genuinely happy for you. A few are, some are jealous and most don’t care. Plus there’s too much negative energy being passed around and I’m not here for it.

To staying positive.

I realize it so hard to stay positive when the world is judging. Especially when your friends are so much ahead of you and your life is at a standstill. The funny thing is, it’s usually you who feels that way about yourself when probably you’re doing things for yourself, they are just happening at a slower pace. Have you ever heard someone complaining so much about their life and you just want to shake them and point out how good they have it? Maybe you should try that on yourself. Try focusing on the things you have managed to achieve so far and write down the things you wish you did then check those boxes as you go. Trust me, as much as we hate planning and jolting things down. An organized mind leads to a productive mind. Note that your life is yours alone to live so stop comparing it to other peoples and start comparing it to you past present and future on the growth there is.

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I am learning to let go and let God.

At this point is critical that you understand that our timings for everything are different. That God’s time is always the best. It is important to know that if anything is meant for you it will be for you and that nobody or nothing else can change that. In the blog, 'My Appreciation and Gratitude' I talk about destiny and the choices of the paths we make. I realize that your paths is predetermined and it’s up to you to get yourselves there, because nobody else can do that for you.

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. ~ Denis Waitley


Is it good to be content? I keep seeking satisfaction and contentment but is that necessarily a good thing? I realize that if we get satisfied eventually does that mean we stop? I don’t think so. If anything I am learning gratitude. Saying it, feeling and believing it are different things. I think we should learn to be truly grateful for what we have in order for us to receive more. Aim low and that’s all you get. Don’t say the sky is the limit. Aim higher than the stars and you will be assured to achieve the inevitable. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Marking the end of 2017

As I close the year on the blog I think I should try and do better on writing content for the blog next year. What kills me the most is I basically skipped posting for the whole of 2016 and that was the time I should have had the most to write. Anyway, enough with the guilt. Let me finish off on this year’s post by reflecting about the year and just seeing if there’s anything I learned from it.


I keep being held back by my willingness to be perfect. I worry too much about posting the perfect blog with the perfect grammar so much that I don’t end up posting at all. I worry so much about what people will say or think about me, so much that I don’t put out what I’m supposed to. Maybe it’s got more to do with fear as I don’t think I need to care so much about these things. If there’s anything I have learned as a creative is that critiquing is part of life and the only way we get to learn. So what the heck! Participation is better than deprivation.


This year I went to Senegal and Guinea Bissau which has been a long awaited travel. My dad has resided in the area for almost ten years and he talked about how Guinea Bissau had a long way to go compared to Kenya. He already warned me about it so I figured I had an idea of what I was getting myself into but can’t say I did to that extent. I was shocked! I complain so much about my country being backward but traveling to other African countries has been an eye opener. I got to appreciate the difference in cultures and the similarities. Mostly, they taught me gratitude. I realize that we are a developing country as well, that everything is a progress in time and just because we are where we are now doesn’t mean we don’t get better. It’s more about the pace, the moment, the time, the reasons that come along with it, the handling, does it get better? The better is what we always look up to and the little hope we cling to. That the little things we have for now and that which we have achieved are worth praising and that every progress should be accounted for, and appreciated.


My skills are a work in progress. They are so many things I desire to learn. So many things I wish I knew at this point in time. I have done so much things already and I already know so much. As time moves on and as everything progresses; new things come up. I can’t know everything unfortunately, but I can make better use of the time I have to get to learn something new, out of the things I wish to know. I should also learn to appreciate the new things learned which goes in line with appreciating and acknowledging my progress.


In the coming year I want to keep track of my progress. I want to be able to appreciate the new things and the little steps I make to get to where I desire to be. One of these include blogging more; hence, reflecting monthly on the things I have done. 2017 has been one of my toughest years career-wise. It’s easy to say it has been a wasteful year for me but I can’t put aside my attempts to make myself a better person. So much is easily ignored when you don’t have anything tangible for yourself though it has been the year of recognition. Recognition to realize that I hold the willpower to make the best of myself and show it, because no one else will do that for you. I need to know that someone else’s progress does not necessarily mean mine; even so, it should be celebrated as it is, believing that my time will come and understanding that our timings are always different.

Here’s my good bye to 2017 and my hello 2018. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017


It reaches a point in your life when you just stop caring. So many things bug you but you’re won out of worry. Nothing makes sense any more. So much that you do what you do because it's what you do. If you don't continue doing it, then you're basically doing nothing and anything is better than nothing. You justify your doings by all means so much that it begins to make sense. Well at least you think it does but it really doesn't. Eventually you’re just doing something to justify the nothing.

 So is life, a wonder in itself. I no longer feel the need to justify anything, maybe because I lack the justification, maybe because if I justified it, it would be meaningless and what's the something worth doing if it's meaningless. It's even worrying to think about because to think about it means to justify it while really, there’s nothing to it. I know that some things don’t make sense, but then again...neither does life.

Then again, what's a life lived without meaning? Better to justify it, even if it's nothing in order to define the nothing by calling it something. I haven't said something in a while because of the nothingness that lacks justification. Even if I justified it, it wouldn't make sense, though sometimes some things are best said when they don't make sense. When they don’t make sense to other people but they make sense to you. The same way some things we will never know but God knows and that's enough. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Catching up!

It’s currently raining as I write this post. I know, random! It has been so long since I last wrote. I don’t even know where to begin. Oh how I’ve missed writing. I can’t believe I didn’t post anything, the whole of 2016. So this post should update you all.

I’m not sure if not writing is a good or a bad thing anymore, seeing that when I write it’s usually when I’m down and my emotions decide to take over. Currently I’m not employed and that could be another reason as to why as I’m wondering, “What next?”

My education:

So many times I have complained about being a jerk of all trades and being a master in none. Guess what? I now have a master in Graphic Design and Typography. Can I get applauded for that proud moment please…?

Thank you!

Here is what I learned…

It doesn’t matter how much education you get. Some people will still treat you like shit, discredit your work. Some will envy you, but that’s OK. You’re not better than them, as they only think that you think you’re better than them.

Yes, there’s been a learning curve, in the positive direction. I’ve learned so much!!! Though I always say receiving knowledge doesn’t end. It is always your duty to go out and find out more.

My educative days during my study were filled with research, discovering and documentation. Even today I’m happy to learn something new. Besides, who said I have to be a jerk of all trades? Why not be a master in all?

My creativity:

My thoughts are faster than any of my hands or ability is able to capture and bring it to reality. Sometimes I sit there and picture it all in my head and I’m already done, I’m over it. Nothing is wrong with that, since it saves me time from doing it and ending up not liking it. I have a broader imagination that captures concepts better. Nowadays my work needs purpose. I am able to sieve out work that’s unnecessary. I now understand that creation without purpose is just art and not design. No wonder my work before had less value.

I am aware that a lot of people will use you for your skills/talents. I say this for any creatives out there. Some won’t even give you credit for your work, let alone pay you. Some don’t even notice that they do this which is an insult. They take on your work and move on like nothing happened. A lot of people will discredit or disregard the time and effort you put into your work. They will not realize that you created something out of nothing, and that without you, it wouldn’t exist. It is OK. Such people do not know the power of gratitude. Gratitude goes a long way, for it could either make or break a person. Don’t let such people bother you for their actions do not define your talent.

Discovering myself:

I can’t say that I have discovered myself fully in terms of success and achievements, but I know myself. I know what I can do, and what I can’t do, what I love and what I don’t love. Through the past year I traveled alone to the UK and I’m now back home. In UK, I stayed on my own, I knew no one where I was and did a lot of things on my own. In the process, I learned to love myself. I now enjoy my own company. Something I thought I would never do was sitting alone in a restaurant and having a meal by myself.  I got to do that a couple of times, got quite comfortable if I may add. I took a lot of walks in the park on my own and I discovered a lot of new places as well. All I can say is Cambridge is such a beautiful town and I am glad I got to take this self-discovery journey while I was there.

My love life:

I always hated on love; though I still do sometimes, not as much. Believe it or not, I am currently dating, and I have been for over a year and a half.  I look back at all the things I said about love when I wasn’t in love, and I shake my head. When it comes to love, we all have different experiences and different opinions. I know that now. Not all love is the same. You can give advice about relationships but what works you does not necessarily work for another.  Being in a relationship has taught me privacy. Before I liked to tell all because I didn’t care, now I do. You learn that it’s not just you in that relationship. It’s two of you, and that alone is different.

I know I’m late but happy 2017!

Friday, March 6, 2015

The scopes of my sadness

As you must have noted by now, my sadness inspires me to write. I like tapping into my deepest emotions and presenting them as a creative peace. I am not the biggest fan of poetry. Though I love all forms of art, so I write to release and let loose so check this out and let me know what you think. 

Poem by Sylvia Oloo…

Sometimes I feel hollow.
From the depths within my sorrow,
I hear voices within me barking.
As if I am terribly lacking.
I am wishing they could sharpen.
I knew this would happen.

I ponder in my conscience.
In a world occupied with my silence.
I’m afraid of nothing.
As if everything amounts to something.
Not even an explanation would cure the blindness.
Or is it just my madness?

If only I could proceed.
Then maybe I could succeed.
I am anxiously waiting.
Praying and anticipating.
But my visions are blurred.
And this makes me scarred.

However, there is a ripple of defeat.
That cripples me diseased.
I am sick of the ideas.
That never reaches the public ears.
So let this be the thought.

That you would have sought.