Friday, March 6, 2015

The scopes of my sadness

As you must have noted by now, my sadness inspires me to write. I like tapping into my deepest emotions and presenting them as a creative peace. I am not the biggest fan of poetry. Though I love all forms of art, so I write to release and let loose so check this out and let me know what you think. 

Poem by Sylvia Oloo…

Sometimes I feel hollow.
From the depths within my sorrow,
I hear voices within me barking.
As if I am terribly lacking.
I am wishing they could sharpen.
I knew this would happen.

I ponder in my conscience.
In a world occupied with my silence.
I’m afraid of nothing.
As if everything amounts to something.
Not even an explanation would cure the blindness.
Or is it just my madness?

If only I could proceed.
Then maybe I could succeed.
I am anxiously waiting.
Praying and anticipating.
But my visions are blurred.
And this makes me scarred.

However, there is a ripple of defeat.
That cripples me diseased.
I am sick of the ideas.
That never reaches the public ears.
So let this be the thought.

That you would have sought.