Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Voice of perception.

        There are times when I wake up and I'm like, "My life has no meaning." I'm not gonna lie, I'm human, can't help how I feel. However, those are the times I'm inspired to write. So it may seem in my blogs I'm always complaining or whining, not likely... just happens that writing is how to embrace those feelings, to bring a sense of calm. Therefore, as it seems right now there's a disturbance in my mind and I'm laying them out, in front of me. Arranging my thoughts in a way to understand. So here we go again!

        Lately, I've been thinking about perception. What do you see when you look at a painting? Do you think of the image itself? how beautiful it is? or does your mind even think to the artist's great works, as in the artist himself? Who is the artist, the mind of the artist, what was the artist thinking? or do you even care about the artist? Then I ask myself, "Who is more important?" The capture or the person who takes the capture? The same as a picture and the photographer. Do you care about what you see, or who took what you see? Do we only embrace what we see or do we reckon those who made it possible? Is it a perception of the moment thing as we see it or is it a life endurance acceptance thing as a whole? All these questions, so much going on, so much to think about.

        Here are other examples: Actors, Singers, the social lights, etcetera. We recognize the actors and the singers, we know them because they are the images that are portrayed out there for us to see. Perceptions, but what of the people behind the scenes who put it all together in the movies and the music? Do they matter? Our architects, when we admire our beautiful cities, we just look at the buildings and the landscapes the so-called perceptions. Do we give credit to the makers? Is it always about what our eyes perceive? Do we not matter? How come then do we give more of our attention to the perceived? Are the others not as important? Aren't the makers the ones who made it possible? Yet the perceptions, those that get presented get more praise. The perceptions to me are like the conclusions; what we see at the end, the results. As if the bits and the pieces that bring it together aren't necessary. What of the body of the paragraphs? Weren't they helpful in order to bring understanding to the story?

        I've resulted to self praise, giving myself pats in the back telling myself good job! But is it ever enough? Do I lack the sense of appreciation? I'm I not satisfied? The hell I'm not! I want to be memorable. I don't want you to have to remember the picture more than you remember me. Yeah I get jealous sometimes, I admit it. Besides, its my work. It's there because I did it. So does that make me selfish because I'm fighting for the attention of my creations? Because I want recognition? Take for example a lamp on a stand. Would you rather be the light that is being perceived or the paraffin that produces the fire that is lit? What do we acknowledge more, the light or the paraffin?

       In reality, I know I matter.. I'm the reason for the cause but in actual sense, it's about visibility, I'm unseen. I lack the presence of perception. I'm always the person that's hidden behind the perception, so I can't help but always wonder, do I matter?