Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Appreciation and gratitude!

Oil Painting of me, by the artist Gordon
      Its been a while since I actually sat down and blogged about something, and the sad part is I've had so much to say but I haven't really said it because I've been real busy. The importance of today's blog is to show my appreciation. I've  realized I complain a lot and its not a good thing, can't say am proud about it either. I have to stop myself  a couple of times from some of the things I catch myself saying. That's one of the things I need to work on. Plus I need to start having positivity in everything that I do. Then again, if I'm not complaining or venting on my blog, what's there to say?
      Lately I've been caught between my thoughts and my reality; wondering about possibilities and whether some things were meant to be or whether or not I plan my own destiny. Tell me about fate verses destiny, are they the same thing? I'm I able to plan destiny provided I know my fate. Is my fate fixed or is it decisive of the choices I make? I think somehow we all set the path to our fate by the destiny we choose for ourself. Even so what if our fate is already determined for us and there is nothing we can do about it? Don't we all have the right to know our fate? Will it affect our choices? So in the end shouldn't it matter that we know our fate if its already fixed? Will it make us change our destiny if we can make better choices; know what we're already doing wrong to mend the broken pieces? Are we lazy to work towards our goals knowing they are already attainable if told? All these questions... I'm wanting to know my fate and whether everything I'm doing now is all worth everything I'm working towards.Ok, lets forget about fate and destiny. You should give me some of your opinions on that as well.

        I've completely gone out of my route from where I began on this journey. If you know me then you know I was strong on my sciences, loved it; somewhere along that path I decided to brunch out into the arts and test out the pastures of this new route I'm now headed. Sometimes not even I can convince myself whether I'm on the right track, whether I've deviated completely and gotten lost, and if I'll ever find my path again.

My 'channel of hope' painting:
This is the last painting I've painted so far. I still see the light. That's always something I've said when I'm hopeful or if I'm almost getting where I'm headed. This painting reminds me to be hopeful.


   Right now I believe in reason and purpose. That's the light shining bright. When I don't have reason I feel lost. If I can't say why or find the reason of the things I do then I have no purpose. I ask myself, "What's the point?" All in all, its about finding the worth. May God give me purpose.

     I appreciate every encouraging voice. Any compliments or comment I get. Every little reminder, question or encouragement of me to continue what I do. Any support I have from my paintingsphotographynail art, or my magazine. I thank everyone who has lifted a hand to write me an article for my mag, model for me on the cover, thanking my editor for my magazine and all those who read my magazine. Thanking all those who've encouraged me to keep painting. My photography work, my admirers of my work. Those who've liked my pages and sent me mentions on twitter and helped 'RT' my work.. anything I can think of cause you all took the time to do that. LOL even my haters if I'm allowed to say. But mostly I'm grateful for all the positive feedback. Thank you God, I'm always grateful to you first! I can't say I've made it in my life or I'm even close to where I want to be, but I am thankful for everything I have now and what I've been given. We all should have that mentality of being thankful.

You all are my voice of hope because you show me that I'm on my right track. You're my reason, therefore you give me purpose.

This is my thank you note to everyone that have given me a reason, I am humbled :-)

A special thank you to all my blog readers, those who've followed and Favorited my blog. You all know yourselves I salute you all. Yes! I appreciate that you tell me these things.

I can never say enough thank yous.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here is a song I would like to leave you all with cause I saw the video today for the first time and I already heard the song and liked it.

Shine bright like a diamond!