Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Pray For A Better Kenya

I'm not into politics, but I reason with the basic facts. Someone please explain to me how electing two ICC suspects will better the economy. How if our country goes into sanction, it will be better for our development. I fail to understand how suspects are running for presidency. Don't they have criminal background checks or something? Leave alone being on the lead. It's clear to me that this is more of an ethnic issue. Let’s just hope no matter the outcome, there will be peace. Cause that will push us 10 steps back worse off considering that this is a Third world country already. It's a shame.

I’ve travelled and am glad that I have. I like how countries like in America you can go to the next state and enjoy a beautiful town, have vacations or just move from town to town without worrying about where you’re from, the lack of development and such. I wish it was the same in Kenya. Our neighbouring towns are all undeveloped. How is it that we still have people living in huts? Have people that know such things as toilets still. Yet we get offended when people mention that we live on trees. No we do not live on trees, but the truth of the matter, when we look at the developed areas on the Kenyan map, it’s just but a speck of dust. The rest of the nation is suffering.

Another thing is we live in such an ethnic based country where everyone feels the need to ask you where you’re from so that they brand you a sticker. You are already judged by your peers what type of person you are or what you can contribute from the society.  I wish we could all just really truly be united based on our actions and not words. Even as much as people like to pretend that we are united, the elections is always a reminder that we are all so divided based on our ethnic groups and it saddens my heart.

I want to be able to go to Malindi, Wajir, Nyeri, Narok, Kisumu, Kakamega… anywhere you can name and find them all a beautiful developed city that I can experience.  Like as though I was in Atlanta, Florida, New York all in the same country without having to travel far to go somewhere nice and developed.  Until that happens, we are all slacking as Kenyans because I see so much potential, and the leaders have slacked in that matter. Help this be a better nation. Forget ethnicity and start working together to grow out the city into other counties so that the whole country is developed.   

Why fill our pockets, eat comfortably, shelter ourselves while people in the next county are starving, looking for shelter and suffering? Yet we still do nothing about it.