Friday, October 28, 2011

My paintings:

Thought I'd share some of my paintings that I've done. I mostly paint using acrylic on canvas. As a painter I don't have much painting material as I should since I do this as a hobby. I usually just use what I have or improvise. As mentioned earlier about how I started painting here, where I had posted about some of my paintings... Let me just say I started out by taking a brush and going with it. I felt that I could paint, and so I did. I'm usually not good at expressing myself. Sometimes it's easier expressing myself through my paintings than it is saying it or writing it. In my blog I'll do my best to give you my best descriptions of each of the paintings. Unfortunately I don't have names for all of them, and if I do you'll see it under the painting. I will then give a description about the painting and let you know where I got all my inspirations.


This painting shows exaggeration of energy being exerted on the water. I usually love watching lightning and was thereby inspired by that and the fact that I love partying. I love the energy of the lightning and the moon and how it makes the night alive. I related that night energy with my feelings in the painting at the time because it was when I was partying a lot.


When painting the painting above, it was the time I was experiencing a lot of loneliness in my life and I really needed someone's attention. It's amazing how you can have people around you but still feel alone. As seen in the painting there is that one bright flower at the centre. It's definitely the first thing we notice, that one, lonely flower in the middle. The painting very much sums up my feelings at the time, all the leaves (at that time I had people who care about me) around, and yet all we see is that one bright flower. Loneliness, that is what this painting is about.


I love the fall season. When I worked on the painting above, it was about that time of the year of fall season. That's where I got my inspiration from. I had just  moved back home to Kenya and I was thinking to myself how much I'd really miss the fall. I love the colours of fall, the trees, the leaves, along with all the holidays that come with it such as Halloween and thanksgiving. Everything beautiful about the fall was going to be missed and I thought I should put it on canvas.


Cry me a river:

I named the above painting 'cry me a river' because of the many tears that have collected and filled into a river. The cemented floor signifies pressure and hardness/strength and the cracks on the cement represent weakness. Meaning: amongst all our hard shell we build around us or everything we try and cover; our weaknesses still exist. The bridge-like thing shows the binding connection between the two cracked floors, which thereby signifies force. Despite the binding of the bridge which is shown, the force keeping it together could not stop the cemented floor from cracking. The painting then says, despite all the tears one cries in secret, or no matter how much you try to hide your feelings or cover it up, eventually it shows or comes out. So don't force yourself to hide you tears; cry if you must, besides... it's healthy to cry. 


Something purple:

Purple being my favourite colour, I figured I'd do a purple abstract painting. I think the painting signifies my clinginess. The fact that I attach myself to stuff, and its always hard for me to let go. That was what I represented in the painting.


I didn't name this painting above, but it was inspired by one of my close friends, Hazel. She asked me to paint her something, and so I did. The above is what I felt described our friendship. Her favourite colour is red, and looking at the picture, she would be signified by the red flower-like thing and me yellow. The yellow around the red signifies how I feel protective over her, and that I care about her. I used bright warm colours because it describes how loving and kind our friendship is towards each other. Despite all the bad (the black around) and the good, we always have each others backs. I gave her the painting as a gift because it was inspired by her.


In the above painting, I was missing the winter season. I was in Kenya and December came to my mind and all the snow I would miss. I hate cold but I've always loved something about winter and the snow.  All the white around is beautiful, not forgetting the shaded trees. Let me just say I'm a sucker for nature and I take time to admire and appreciate my surroundings. That's why I always get my inspiration to paint from such moments.


Like I said, I love nature. This one above reminds me of spring time. 


The butterfly Effect:

I called the painting 'the butterfly effect' because I remember the concept of the butterfly effect when I look at it. You can spot a butterfly's wing in the painting and something like a dinosaur. I got the inspiration for the painting from the butterfly effect. I have always been fascinated with the fact that a small change at one place results in a large difference in a later state. The fact that everything has a purpose. I ones watched this movie where this one guy went back to the past, the dinosaur error, and he stepped on a butterfly, which then died. That one change in the past made a huge difference because when he went back to the present state everything was destroyed. It was an interesting movie... I don't remember the name of it but I guess that's what brought on this abstract painting. Its amazing how that one butterfly's life makes a huge difference in the world. That's why I connected the dinosaur with the butterfly to create the butterfly effect.


The above painting is just a flamingo inspired painting. I just wanted to paint a flamingo. I think they are such beautiful birds.


The same to the above painting. I wanted to paint a dolphin especially since my small sister, Lavon loves dolphins. She was my inspiration for this painting since she was leaving to move to Canada. I wanted to paint something I can look at and it would relate to her or remind me of her.


Like I said, I like nature especially in the painting above. I've always wanted something with the sun reflection streaming through the trees. I really love this painting and I've realised not many people like it as much as I do. It's actually one of my favourites. I think it's cause of my love for nature, especially trees. The funny thing with that is my first name means forest. Wonder if the meaning of my name has something to do with why I've always loved trees. Even though truth is, I realised the meaning of my name afterwards.


The painting above is also inspired by nature, but this time flowers. I wanted to try out different random flowers. I usually create my own flowers in my paintings; hence, most of them don't exist in real life, and I like it like that. Painting to me is all about creating your own world. Therefore, I like to exaggerate and change a few things here and there whenever I can. 


The above is another painting inspired by nature. I think its one of those paintings I can't really explain. All the same, its still worth looking at. I especially love the different colours on the trees.


Let go:

This painting above, 'let go' was done for my friend, Winnie. She wanted a blue and orange painting to match her blue and orange themed colour for her house. I called it let go because when I was painting it at the time I was really stressed, and I kept telling myself that I need to relax, and to let go. The reason I chose let go is: 
  • The flying bird. It represents the notion of flying and freedom. Everytime I see a bird flying it just seems like it would be a wonderful feeling. Freedom against the wind. Stress free. A free natural feeling.
  • The mountains and the pour of orange. The orange spill/pour signifies lava. The mountain has erupted, and has let go. The sudden out bust and release of lava to me relates to the release of stress. I exaggerated that by the pour of orange all the way to the bottom of the painting as seen above.
  • There's also a kite feature on the left in blue. That kite represents letting go by how the kite flies with the wind and lets the wind control the direction its going.
  • There's also a waterfall on the left side under the kite. That water falling, flowing into a stream of water brings about the relaxation trend. The waterfall brings out the letting go by its stress-less, free fall and how naturally that happens.
  • The tree with the shading leaves. That reminds me of the fall when the leaves fall off the tree in preparation for winter. The tree learns to let go of its leaves for its benefit, in order to survive the winter season.
  • There's also the tear dropping from the eye in the middle of the painting. Many times, you hear over and over, that it's better to cry and let out your feelings (let go).
  • Lastly there is a bug like creature with the 3 body parts and the six legs. It looks like its breaking of but doesn't quite make sense... that's the beauty of painting, because in truth nothing never really has to make sense, yet it still looks beautiful.
I really love the above painting 'let go'. To me I believe it's one of my best and hardest works in terms of creativity and abstract. Its also the biggest size of canvas I've painted on, so I gave myself a pat on the back for having completed one of my biggest challenges.


The view of the beach, in the two paintings: The one above and the one below was due to the fact that I really needed a vacation at the time. That's where I got the inspiration. I think the beach does it for me in terms of where the best place to relax would be. I just love the sound of the ocean.


Orange sunset:

My relaxation spot is always the beach :)


Distorted Garden:

I called it 'distorted garden' because I thought it looked like a garden even though everything seems out of place. The painting kind of has a flower facing upside down, which also looks like a mountain with lava coming out. The yellow represents the sun colour, which almost looks like a painter's pallet. You see the flowers, a tomato-like, but you're also not sure what fruit it is exactly. All in all I decided to call it 'distorted garden.'


This was my first oil painting and so far my only one. It was so messy, so I haven't tried it again. It was the first time I tried the reflection in the water painting. 


Coloured Falls:

When I was painting the above it was at a point in my life where I was expecting a huge turn of events. I was not sure of how it was going to turn out in the end, and it involved making some difficult decisions. Everything was vague and uncertain at the time, which felt like a risk I was taking. I knew whatever decision that I was going to make, things were going to be different. The painting has a lot of waterfalls of mostly different colours, all going in different directions. It was just like the way I didn't know what was coming or what to expect. I also felt disconnected from the world and a lot of people I loved. Maybe that's the different colours representing all the disconnections and the many decisions I had to make. Either way, I had to trust and believe that I'd make the right choice because eventually we all land, like the falls, they all find a landing, and whatever the choice is that we make, we still go with it.


The Rainbow:

I always wondered what was at the end of the rainbow when I was a kid. Growing up I heard about the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. Well to me rainbows were always a sign of good luck. I don't know why, maybe because of God's promise to Noah telling him he would never let what happened then happen again. It has always been my reassurance that everything is going to be ok. I have always connect the rainbow with positivity and as that as my inspiration I painted the rainbow. I gave away the painting to a close friend of mine TJ, for her 21st birthday. 


Something Pink:

I painting something pink before something purple. My favourite colours are pink and purple and purple and pink. I don't want to say one first before the other because someone will think I prefer one more than the other. My cousin, Vanessa was my inspiration for something pink since she is obsessed with the colour pink. That's why later on I thought it was only fair that I do 'something purple' for me, just so I balanced out my two favourite colours.


I can't really say how I felt when I was painting the above painting, but it also reminds me of spring time. Spring because it's so full of life. The waterfall, the flowers all blooming.. I don't know, I see hope to life when I look at the painting.


The above was my latest painting I've done this far. I love nature, and at the time I was thinking about my mother. I love her so much and she was my inspiration for this painting. She has to be the most loving and caring person in this planet. I can't explain the love she has for us kids.


Think it's obvious why I named the above painting 'faces.' At the time I was painting it I was going through so many emotions. I just couldn't explain it in one word; hence, the different faces in the painting. 

That is all the paintings I have. Well not all but most of them. If you really love my paintings or just like them to say the least, please like my facebook fan page here. If you're also interested in having a painting of mine on your wall, you can send me a message on my facebook fanpage and contact me from there. I'd be a very happy artist :)) because yes they are for sale.
If you just have something you want me to know about my paintings, kindly leave your comments under. I would also love to hear your views and critics on them, because that would be so helpful. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Something Dreamy:

To be honest, it has been a while since I painted. I just finished this painting that I did yesterday and it took me a while to paint it.

I called it something dreamy, because it looked like something out of a dream.

The truth is that I got discouraged. I kind of feed off the energy of what I get back from the public. At first when I started painting it was just for me. I did it because I felt the urge to paint, and I felt better afterwards. Especially the times when I was down and all alone. As I said before, I have a very artistic nature and I fill the need to express myself. So amongst a lot of other things I do, painting is one of the ways I felt was a good outlet.

I explained to my friend the other day that when I paint it's like that physics Law, "energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred from one body to another." So I guess when I feel bad, that's how I transfer my energy to another form. Well not necessarily bad, but any emotions that I'd be feeling at the time. I always find it interesting to look at the painting when I'm done and try and interpret it. That's because I realized I'm sometime's not good in words or expressing myself; Hence, the need to find a way to let someone else experience that energy, (or more so emotion) that I let out.  Ok let me not get too carried away...

I was talking about why I got discouraged:

It all started when I kept getting compliments and everyone.. ok not everyone really but a lot of people who were telling and convincing me to sell them. So I tried that, I listened to them. I took them to Yaya, (a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya to be exact) which was the first store that I tried and they accepted them immediately. I was so excited, so a few days past, months, years.. ok let me not push it... a year hadn't passed but it might as well have. I didn't even get one painting to be bought. I then got discouraged and I stopped painting. Now I have so many paintings stashed in the house somewhere because I had to get back my paintings from Yaya, and now I don't know what to do with them. Slowly by slowly I started giving them out for free. I can't lie, if it wasn't for my sisters I probably would have thrown them out and forgotten I ever painted! I guess I was going through one of those episodes of mine where I tell myself there's no point in my talents. It's that type of negative energy that I should do away with.

So days pass, and I've decided that I can't go on doing things to please others. I paint because I love painting. Doesn't matter if I sell my paintings or not. At the end of the day, painting is a part of me and its what I love doing. Therefore, there will be more paintings to come. Hopefully one day someone will buy them from me, or something good will come out of it... I believe so. I always wanted to be remembered as an artist. So let me not be that artist who doesn't appreciate her talent. I feel like that on the bad days, but I know better. Besides, I'm only human and I need assurance sometimes, maybe a few slaps here and there.. but I will continue to paint.

You can check out some of my other paintings on my facebook fanpage here and please like the page if you liked it. I would also appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.