Thursday, July 21, 2011

My today painting:

I haven't painted for a while before today. I was looking for inspiration because I lost it, but I'm back again. 
Here is the painting that I just finished. I always wanted to do a 'flower on a vase painting'. I've seen a couple of professional paintings of such that I loved. Painting is one of the many things I do as a hobby. I never really went to an art class or anything to learn how to paint. So criticise all you want, I can take it... this is something I'm proud to say I learned on my own. Well unless you want to count art & crafts classes which we all did up to class 8 (if you grew up in Kenya) and that must mean we all know how to paint then.

A common trend that you'll notice that I like to do with my paintings, is paint them on a black background. I like black because it brings out the brightness in the other colours. Let me show you some of my black background paintings:

This painting I painted when I was in a goofy mood. I usually don't have an idea of what I'm going to paint until I'm almost done, then it all comes together towards the end. I remember the day I painted the flower with the tongue sticking out I was in a pissy mood and also felt like no one takes me seriously.

 This painting was done with a close friend in mind. She asked me to paint her something and so when I was done, I realized that the two flower like images on my paintings signify our friendship. She would be the red flower because she likes red and me the yellow and she's always been protective of me. I guess that's why she has this glow around her.. oh I mean the flower. The warm colours represent the nature of our friendship and I guess the trust we have for each other. I was going to sell the painting but I decided to give it to her instead and she really loved it!

In this painting, my feelings describe reflection. I named the painting 'Reflection.' At that time I was all about how I'm always the one offering advice to others. So I thought too myself I should take my own advice that I give our and use it for my own. So all the diversions in the 'not so clear water' are to be reflected right back to me.

This one I don't like so much. When I thought about my feelings for this one, it was the time when I was seeking attention, and was feeling lonely in that time of my life. That must explain the lonesome flower amongst all the other leaves.

Oh yeah! Here is another of my random paintings of a fruit basket. I thought I'd add this painting with the bunch because it was also another that I always saw professionally painted. That's why I painted it. It is something that I think I would like to hang in my kitchen or dining wall.

Let me know what you think about the paintings or whether you like them. Oh yes please do criticise and leave all your comments bellow...


  1. I like the blog, I think you are very talented :)

  2. thanks doll! really appreciate it :)