Friday, July 8, 2011

Undisclosed desires:

Ever since I read the twilight saga books which I'm now madly insanely obsessed with, I've been hooked on everything twilight related. I love the band Muse, which I'm not sure I would have heard of or listened to if it wasn't for twilight.  Anyway, Muse latest album, 'Resistance' this song 'Undisclosed desires' always gets me thinking... I have so many undisclosed desires which I would like to experience in life. Can't say I've really been lucky with love. I just want that one person who will understand me and be able to treat me right even though its hard to trust people nowadays. Speaking of love and undisclosed desires, you ever feel like you're conscience prevents you from letting go, being crazy? You ever see people doing things that you wish you could but you don't, because you're comfortable in your shell, or you have a reputation to keep, or you're too miss-goody-tissue? It's annoying sometimes, isn't it? I have a lot of undisclosed desires, and so I love this song, no regrets... just simply desires which I'm sure we all have. 


  1. Do reveal, what are these undisclosed desires? Sounds so... but I think we all do, if someone got into my head and looked into the kind of things that run through there on a daily basis, you would be shocked. My point is relax, we are all very human. And I love this Muse song, didn't know it was called Undisclosed Desires- 'I want to exorcise the demons from your past'

  2. Awesome that you also love the song!