Saturday, July 2, 2011


   In America they say Colors, in Kenya we say Colours. I believe that colours are not just as they seem. I believe they also have some meaning to them. So why not talk about colours with fashion and what I think of them. 

 I love purple! Did I say love? Yes, purple is beautiful! I wear purple a lot, not just because I love it, but because it goes well with my skin tone and it's the colour I get most compliments with. I think it's a good thing that purple is associated with royalty, because when I wear purple I demand a lot of respect. It always somehow comes naturally with respect. Purple to me is authority and it qualifies to be worn when you deserve leadership. 


One of my favourites is also pink. All ladies love pink. I don't wear pink as much because it contrasts with my skin tone. However, I put pink in almost everything when I can, for example Spinkly, my "name" that's where it came from. I love men who wear pink, I find wearing pink bold in a man, but I especially love hot pink. It definitely brings out sexy in a man; besides, why else is it called, Hot Pink. They surely knew what they were talking about.


 Red is my colour of love. Females wearing red for me is bold, as it is men who wear pink. Red  is well known to be associated with danger, which is obviously true. I love a man in red, it always draws me to them. Red is the colour of attraction. Red is like the bad boy mentality which we girls are drawn to, and we also know is bad for us, but we still go for it. That is why I say, "red is my colour of love."


 I find the colour blue safe. People who love blue, are people who love being safe. They like keeping it calm. Just as the colour suggests, they don't like much drama, and so they associate themselves with blue, the sky. The sky is a safe bet because its always there, and it never leaves you're sight.


Yellow to me is bright, very bright, as bright as the sun. Why would you walk around shining? You might as well be competing with the sun.  If you wear yellow and you like yellow it just says you want attention. You are simply screaming and shouting for that attention by all means. I can't tell you I wear yellow at all. It's almost never that you'll find me wearing yellow. If you want attention then all I can say, this is the colour to wear and you will surely find it. 


Orange to me is as good as yellow, just another attention seeking colour.  

Green & Brown:

These two colours are colours of blend. That's why they are called neutral colours. If you just want to fit in with your surroundings, then this is the colour for you. Green like the grass, brown like the earth... that same idea. You don't like standing out at all. I don't like wearing these two colours, and I couldn't find a picture of me wearing any of the two. 

           There we go! That is what I think about these colours and fashion and in general. If you feel the same or have any other thoughts on this blog, feel me in on your comments. I would also like to know what you're favourite colours are, I think it tells a lot about someone.


  1. So what about the picture of you in orange? He he.... and am a purple and green lover does that mean am a down to earth royal?

  2. Yes you are a down to earth royal. You love royalty, but you're smooth with it. As for the orange picture, I didn't have that either. I really don't have orange in my clothes collection.