Monday, July 25, 2011

My nail art designs

                                                       Me trying to model my nails art

I love arty things, because I'm a very artistic person. I have a couple of hobbies that entail some art work, and here is some of my nail designs that I thought I'd share with you... don't really do it professionally. I started out by painting my nails and later on couldn't go back to plain solid colours. So I try to be creative and play around with nail-polish. Here's a couple of the ones I've done so far:










Normally I do them on my own nails. Never really tried on someone's else. The right side is pretty hard to do. Hope you like! Tell me which one's your favourite...

My sister also does nail are and she's actually the one I have to thank for this. So thanks Beryl!

Below is also a video with some of our designs.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My today painting:

I haven't painted for a while before today. I was looking for inspiration because I lost it, but I'm back again. 
Here is the painting that I just finished. I always wanted to do a 'flower on a vase painting'. I've seen a couple of professional paintings of such that I loved. Painting is one of the many things I do as a hobby. I never really went to an art class or anything to learn how to paint. So criticise all you want, I can take it... this is something I'm proud to say I learned on my own. Well unless you want to count art & crafts classes which we all did up to class 8 (if you grew up in Kenya) and that must mean we all know how to paint then.

A common trend that you'll notice that I like to do with my paintings, is paint them on a black background. I like black because it brings out the brightness in the other colours. Let me show you some of my black background paintings:

This painting I painted when I was in a goofy mood. I usually don't have an idea of what I'm going to paint until I'm almost done, then it all comes together towards the end. I remember the day I painted the flower with the tongue sticking out I was in a pissy mood and also felt like no one takes me seriously.

 This painting was done with a close friend in mind. She asked me to paint her something and so when I was done, I realized that the two flower like images on my paintings signify our friendship. She would be the red flower because she likes red and me the yellow and she's always been protective of me. I guess that's why she has this glow around her.. oh I mean the flower. The warm colours represent the nature of our friendship and I guess the trust we have for each other. I was going to sell the painting but I decided to give it to her instead and she really loved it!

In this painting, my feelings describe reflection. I named the painting 'Reflection.' At that time I was all about how I'm always the one offering advice to others. So I thought too myself I should take my own advice that I give our and use it for my own. So all the diversions in the 'not so clear water' are to be reflected right back to me.

This one I don't like so much. When I thought about my feelings for this one, it was the time when I was seeking attention, and was feeling lonely in that time of my life. That must explain the lonesome flower amongst all the other leaves.

Oh yeah! Here is another of my random paintings of a fruit basket. I thought I'd add this painting with the bunch because it was also another that I always saw professionally painted. That's why I painted it. It is something that I think I would like to hang in my kitchen or dining wall.

Let me know what you think about the paintings or whether you like them. Oh yes please do criticise and leave all your comments bellow...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The term Woman:

This started earlier today when asked on the radio, 'why certain females hate to be called woman?' Unfortunately I didn't wait to see what people said about that. Here is what I have to say.. I'm not speaking for all but I'm speaking for myself on this one, because I know I'm one of the few that hate to be called woman. Let me quote again what someone else tweeted on my timeline: 

Why do females, especially Kenyan females have a problem with being referred to as a 'woman'?

I simply replied "because I find it rude!"

Let me explain myself using this example: 

This time I noticed one of my friends who seems happy in a relationship (still is by the way) that every time her partner wants to demand her to do something, he says in a sarcastic tone "Woman! do this and that.." Honestly, how rude can you be? I even shouted to him about it, and told him too respect her. I dislike that word. I feel like when you say woman, you are pointing out your dominance over a woman as a man. That's why I prefer the term lady, it sounds more classy, youthful (which I am) and I'll add on fruitful... meaning there's room for growth and as a man you allow it. Men who throw around the word woman like that must like women being submissive to them 100%. As a woman I want to be heard, respected, natured.. not demanded on by some man! See it depends on how you say it, or use it.

So here is what these guys on twitter argued:

Guy 1: Woman describes the physique that is a woman, lady describes behaviour/lifestyle. that's why I prefer 
Guy 2: i respect ur opinion, but when I call u girl, i mean u r young both physical and mind, woman, i mean u r mature, and 

I understand that too. To me its the way the term 'woman' is thrown around, just doesn't sound right. I don't like it. I find it disrespectful, and ancient, traditional to say the least. Where guys used to walk over females.. Go around swinging that word to other females like that, lol and tell me how you like it...

That's how I feel about the term woman. Let me know your thoughts on this...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Undisclosed desires:

Ever since I read the twilight saga books which I'm now madly insanely obsessed with, I've been hooked on everything twilight related. I love the band Muse, which I'm not sure I would have heard of or listened to if it wasn't for twilight.  Anyway, Muse latest album, 'Resistance' this song 'Undisclosed desires' always gets me thinking... I have so many undisclosed desires which I would like to experience in life. Can't say I've really been lucky with love. I just want that one person who will understand me and be able to treat me right even though its hard to trust people nowadays. Speaking of love and undisclosed desires, you ever feel like you're conscience prevents you from letting go, being crazy? You ever see people doing things that you wish you could but you don't, because you're comfortable in your shell, or you have a reputation to keep, or you're too miss-goody-tissue? It's annoying sometimes, isn't it? I have a lot of undisclosed desires, and so I love this song, no regrets... just simply desires which I'm sure we all have. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What of progress in Kenya?

Yesterday I came across this post on twitter:
I was disappointed to find out that Kenya was listed as the 13th worst country in the world. Such a disappointment to say the least! Its hard to believe that in this time and age we still have the slums and poverty going around, while they are busy expanding the roads, making fly-overs and what not. The airport and the railway lines have been the same since colonial times or as I can remember. Makes no sense! Let me not get political. I just hope one day Kenyans will put aside their differences, and think of themselves as one. We need to stop thinking of only bettering ourselves as individuals and start helping others also. That being said, we need to work on unity amongst ourselves, example if you're still bothered about my tribe and where I come from, then it means that you're not ready to put aside our differences. The same goes for the different classes of people. The rich keep getting richer, and the poor getting poorer... more like abandonment if you ask me, "WE HAVE A LONG WAY TO GO!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011


   In America they say Colors, in Kenya we say Colours. I believe that colours are not just as they seem. I believe they also have some meaning to them. So why not talk about colours with fashion and what I think of them. 

 I love purple! Did I say love? Yes, purple is beautiful! I wear purple a lot, not just because I love it, but because it goes well with my skin tone and it's the colour I get most compliments with. I think it's a good thing that purple is associated with royalty, because when I wear purple I demand a lot of respect. It always somehow comes naturally with respect. Purple to me is authority and it qualifies to be worn when you deserve leadership. 


One of my favourites is also pink. All ladies love pink. I don't wear pink as much because it contrasts with my skin tone. However, I put pink in almost everything when I can, for example Spinkly, my "name" that's where it came from. I love men who wear pink, I find wearing pink bold in a man, but I especially love hot pink. It definitely brings out sexy in a man; besides, why else is it called, Hot Pink. They surely knew what they were talking about.


 Red is my colour of love. Females wearing red for me is bold, as it is men who wear pink. Red  is well known to be associated with danger, which is obviously true. I love a man in red, it always draws me to them. Red is the colour of attraction. Red is like the bad boy mentality which we girls are drawn to, and we also know is bad for us, but we still go for it. That is why I say, "red is my colour of love."


 I find the colour blue safe. People who love blue, are people who love being safe. They like keeping it calm. Just as the colour suggests, they don't like much drama, and so they associate themselves with blue, the sky. The sky is a safe bet because its always there, and it never leaves you're sight.


Yellow to me is bright, very bright, as bright as the sun. Why would you walk around shining? You might as well be competing with the sun.  If you wear yellow and you like yellow it just says you want attention. You are simply screaming and shouting for that attention by all means. I can't tell you I wear yellow at all. It's almost never that you'll find me wearing yellow. If you want attention then all I can say, this is the colour to wear and you will surely find it. 


Orange to me is as good as yellow, just another attention seeking colour.  

Green & Brown:

These two colours are colours of blend. That's why they are called neutral colours. If you just want to fit in with your surroundings, then this is the colour for you. Green like the grass, brown like the earth... that same idea. You don't like standing out at all. I don't like wearing these two colours, and I couldn't find a picture of me wearing any of the two. 

           There we go! That is what I think about these colours and fashion and in general. If you feel the same or have any other thoughts on this blog, feel me in on your comments. I would also like to know what you're favourite colours are, I think it tells a lot about someone.