Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The term Woman:

This started earlier today when asked on the radio, 'why certain females hate to be called woman?' Unfortunately I didn't wait to see what people said about that. Here is what I have to say.. I'm not speaking for all but I'm speaking for myself on this one, because I know I'm one of the few that hate to be called woman. Let me quote again what someone else tweeted on my timeline: 

Why do females, especially Kenyan females have a problem with being referred to as a 'woman'?

I simply replied "because I find it rude!"

Let me explain myself using this example: 

This time I noticed one of my friends who seems happy in a relationship (still is by the way) that every time her partner wants to demand her to do something, he says in a sarcastic tone "Woman! do this and that.." Honestly, how rude can you be? I even shouted to him about it, and told him too respect her. I dislike that word. I feel like when you say woman, you are pointing out your dominance over a woman as a man. That's why I prefer the term lady, it sounds more classy, youthful (which I am) and I'll add on fruitful... meaning there's room for growth and as a man you allow it. Men who throw around the word woman like that must like women being submissive to them 100%. As a woman I want to be heard, respected, natured.. not demanded on by some man! See it depends on how you say it, or use it.

So here is what these guys on twitter argued:

Guy 1: Woman describes the physique that is a woman, lady describes behaviour/lifestyle. that's why I prefer 
Guy 2: i respect ur opinion, but when I call u girl, i mean u r young both physical and mind, woman, i mean u r mature, and 

I understand that too. To me its the way the term 'woman' is thrown around, just doesn't sound right. I don't like it. I find it disrespectful, and ancient, traditional to say the least. Where guys used to walk over females.. Go around swinging that word to other females like that, lol and tell me how you like it...

That's how I feel about the term woman. Let me know your thoughts on this...

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  1. You sound to me like how Oprah does condemning the use of the word 'nigger' amongst black people in the US. It really depends on the tone that which the word has been said, that's all. I can still call you 'lady' in a manner that you wouldn't like.