Saturday, December 31, 2011

Destined for greatness:

You ever feel like you're destined for greatness? Like you don't know what it is, but there's something big out there for you? Like you ain't doing something right and there is something bigger out there for you? Well that's me. I don't know what it is, but I believe that I'm destined for greatness. Whatever it is, I'm going to find it.

My inspirations, role models usually come from founders. People who create/discover and are highly known. For example: Jack Dorsey, founder of twitter, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook, Bill Gates founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs (rest his soul) the founder of apple...well that's just to name a few. The first two, are very important to me because I waste days on end on Facebook and twitter. My loss, their gain. I find it genius! Such an awesome discovery these two social sites. If I could make a way to make money out of the things I love doing, how awesome would that be! I donno, or maybe think of a way to make money out of the things I waste my time doing and make it profitable. All these thoughts, yet I can't help but waste my time on someone's else discoveries (I mean technically, it's what I'm doing). It all has its advantages and disadvantages, which am not going to go into cause that's not the point.

 The point. Here's what's important: 


It's important to find your goals in life or more so, your goal. Its your motivation in life, what keeps you going. Without a goal, you'l be lost and you won't know what your doing. To be honest, without a goal, you'll never get anywhere in life. 

Take a pencil, write down stuff. Ask yourself what you like doing, and what you want to achieve. Give yourself deadlines so you can motivate yourself to do them in time. Have a planner, all these things, we hear them several times. We all have the secrets, yet we don't carry them out. If its difficult for you to figure them out on your own, get some help, maybe take some time. Start with minor goals and then build them up, and the truth is, you will succeed. Success is yours. There's enough success to go around, just don't be afraid to claim it.

All the best in your endeavours!!!

Happy New Year to all! 


  1. Maybe your paintings are your destiny to greatness!! I love them, will put an order for one when I come into some spare money soon. Otherwise great post

  2. Aww thank you, hope so too and thanks for the read.