Friday, May 30, 2014

In my head

You want to know what goes on in my head? I'm going crazy!!! I feel like am soon going to crush at some point. There's so much I want to do but I just can't do it anymore. There's little time to do them all. The sound of a ticking clock drives me insane. I don't want to be reminded I'm running out of time .I feel like am running a race. A  blind race without an obvious finish line. I need a planner, but even with a planner, its heavily filled.

Wish I could tear myself into pieces and just work on everything as seperate people. I love too many things, but I'm not specializing in any of them, who would? I'm all over the place!!!

Let me get this straight.. I love animation, I feel like I can't live without not doing animation. But it kills me that I don't get free time to advance. Plus it takes so much time. I like doing the intros, and modeling stuff like rooms and what not. But I'm always busy with other things.

Here's a room I've been working on 3D max for the longest time.... If it was my wish I'd be a master in this program and I'd make the best animation movies!!! 

I love nailart, I wish I could have a blog and just talk about my nails like that of My Simple Little Pleasures then make videos etc. But I never get time for that. So then I just end up taking a picture of the finished work and posting it on this page: 
Even though I know how to edit videos and everything. I just dont get the time. Cause am working on something else.

Then there's photography. I finally got a studio with the lighting equipment and everything and am so excited. But I haven't got it running, they are so many things I still need to set up like my website which am working on. Check it out here:SPINKLY PHOTOGRAPHY on so many great ideas I have for it. And yes am creating it on my own. Still havent finished it yet. Cause am doing too many things at the same time and I'm all over the place. 

I also like to do logos when they let me and am happy to be paid for that :-) Here's samples of logo's I've done for 2 people. There's some I do for fun, just so I get to know how to operate photoshop and cool softwares like that. If I had more time on my hand I'd teach myself illustrator and in design. But now am still advancing on the photoshop, after effects, premier, and gimp. 


Oh how I love to write, I write articles, I try to keep up with my blogs. I wish I could write a book sometime. I've been saying am writing one for the longest. I already know what I'm writing on, even have the concept...  but for now I'm happy when I just get to breath. As we speak am busy with a script am writing for a movie. Yes I've writen one before, so this is my second one. Excited! I plan on shooting the film am writing the script for, cause i think it will be fun to do. I've always wanted to create a film. 

I am also currently working on an advertising project. It's the first official one. Well sort of.. here's a fun advert project I for school. Blame blogger for not loading it properly. But its a video of a video. The teacher doesn't let me keep my projects, even if its my work. So I don't have all the awesome work I did in school to add on my portfolio. Here's a glimpse of it:
Then there's the magazine: This one drives me crazy just trying to keep up with it every month. I have to make sure that its continuos and that its running. I atleast get 10,000+ viewers on the site. The readers and writers are awesome! Cover girls come over for shoots and I have to edit the cover. When am short of articles its up to me to write them so that there's enough for show. check out the magazine on this link: Spinkly Magazine

Currently putting together next month's issue, cause the month is almost over. So am especially busy with that. I pre-edit all the articles before I send them to my editor and go through them again and post them up on the site.

I love painting, but I havent painted in years now. Mostly because I havent got the time. This is still my favourite painting:

I havent sold any painting in a while. So I don't care too much about the painting part of me. Well as long as am looking at the stash of paintings in my room, am good because they are telling me, we are still here, and we aint going anywhere. So no need to multiply us. 

I also work on promo videos, here's a promo video I did to help a friend promote his new book:
Here's the link to the video.. 

I love music, so when I get the time, am producing beats and jingles for my creative small clips that I come up with. Or looking up tutorials on how to better myself on fruity loops. Just a simple work like this takes a lot of time to do.. you wouldn't believe it. It's created on 3D max, Fruity loops and Adobe premier...

There's these and a whole lot of other stuff I work on, plus lets not forget going through tutorials to get better at what I do. 

And the funny thing is if you ask me what am doing, I'll still say am doing nothing. Cause all of it, is nothing to some people. Cause for now I still have nothing to show for all the things am trying to do. 

I promised I'd atleast post up two articles every month this year. So that my blog isn't deserted. So this is me....always busy! All over the place! Crazy with ideas and inlove with everything. 

In shot am an exploding time bomb. 

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