Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sisterhood Bond


       There's no bond like a sister's bond. I'm not talking about 'a wanna be sister' type of bond. I'm talking real blood sisterhood type of bond from same mother and father. I'm very lucky! In fact blessed to have my closest friends as my sisters. I love all the four of them and would take a bullet for my sisters. I'm closer to my elder sister of course because we hangout together a lot. If anything she's my best friend and also the one person I can always count on. 

       I've never really understood how people throw around the word sister like its borrowed or something. I realized am not comfortable with calling just anyone who isn't my sister, sister. I say this cause I know what a real sister is, and I honestly don't feel that sisterhood bond with anyone else. I've grown up with my sisters and I admit we have a lot in common. I think a sister's bond goes deeper than we can understand or really explain.

               I've noticed most girls who were an only child, girls that come from broken families or people who don't get along with their sisters as much; always feel the need to form that bond with someone else outside their family. It's like they luck the sense of that bond. Normally I find that they replace that sisterhood with either a close friend (best friend) or some join  sororities, others indulge themselves in some other relationships, I don't know... something along those lines to find that bond they are lucking. I mean I have a couple of close friends too, don't get me wrong! I really love my 'bffs' but to say the truth none of them come close to my sisters. Sisterhood is just a whole other different type of relationship. You wouldn't truly understand what I mean unless you experience this bond I'm talking about. My sisters always come first before my friends. You know its funny how we can irritate each other, fight, argue.. all that nasty stuff but despite it all we always love one other. I love it! That's just that sisterhood bond!

     Anyway, since I'm all about sisterhood, here is a few sisters I love to watch on TV that share that same type of bond I'm talking about.

     Tia and Tamara's reality show reminds me of me and my sister, Beryl. Even so, we aren't twins but people usually ask  us if we are. Maybe because we are one year apart and we somewhat look alike.

         I also like the Kardashian sisters' bond. They argue a lot but they still love each other. Reminds me of us three: Beryl, Yvette and I. I understand that special bond that they have.

     Anyway, the point is that I love my sisters, I love our sisterhood bond and no one can replace that. 

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