Friday, December 13, 2013


I'm a fan of Soap Operas… well not really like I used to be before. These days I just watch the first few episodes, get the idea of the characters and then wait until the end. Of course I’d wait until the end because it’s always a happy ending! I wouldn’t want to stress myself out throughout the show seeing evil succeed; I like to know there’s a reward for the good and that’s always at the end.

So then it got me thinking; what if life was a soap opera and we all had our roles to play? Who then would I be?

In my head I’m the lead actress. Then again, one who falls in love? The one whom we all adore and wish to be, the one whom the show revolves around? The pretty girl that finds her prince charming, they have their ups and downs all through the show then finally in the end they get together? Would I be the girl that ends up living in a castle with her prince charming. Or is it the hacienda?

Then there always the obstacles:

The rich girl/poor girl that finds a rich man… the poor girl works her butt off, she’s always struggling and the rich man finds her and sweeps her off her feet. The parents then hate her because she’s not of their standards. 

There’s that character that will always be there to prevent these two love birds from being together. The one who is jealous! This character always gets the sad ending: They go crazy, get locked up, change their ways and confess all their wrong doings or maybe they  just die all alone.

Then there’s the second relevant character, the one who is either best friends with the lead character. They also have their own romance story. Sometimes they fight with the lead character for the same guy. At least somewhere along the way always turns out there’s someone else for them. Yes they are pretty, but I guess their story is not effective enough to play the main role.

 Where do I fit in? Where is my prince charming? I’m I the character with the sad ending? The one who ends up alone in the end… hated by everybody else. Or am I not fit enough to play the lead role? I’m I the in-betweens that my story is not strong or good enough to be told? I’m I that person who just strings along and in the end it doesn’t matter what happens to them? Even if I'm the lead role, does it have to be such a struggle to get to be with my prince charming? Better yet, if there’s really a prince charming for every one… where are you my Alejandro, I want my happy ending!?

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