Thursday, March 20, 2014


My life has made me such a cold bitch!

I’ve built up a stone wall around me and trust no one but myself. If I trust you it’s probably because am thinking at the time ‘Matter over mind’ rather than ‘mind over matter’.

I’ve learn that if I get comfortable with the things I have at the moment, then I’ll never find happiness in the things that I long for because nothing comes easy unless I go out and get it myself.

I’ve learn that luck is optional; it is not given. We don’t always have luck; that bad things happen to everybody and so I am not an exception.

I’ve learn that it is easy to be bitter for so long without even realizing it. Realization is necessary to close wounds that hurt me and enable me to make peace with myself for a better mind.

I’ve learned that I worry because of the unknown, more so because my life could change at any moment and that I’m never sure when and whether it will be good or bad.

I’ve learned that the mind can be your worst enemy. Creating events and scenarios unimaginable that builds so much fear. You can let it destroy you or learn to realize that it’s not real. Therefore, fear is a choice.

I’ve learned that life isn’t easy, but without life we are dead. 

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