Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leaving the nest:

How cool is this painting done by Michael Zayn? The title is 'leaving the nest' which is exactly what I had in mind today. 

     I think there's a time in our lives we all grow up, become adults, and know it's time we move out and live on our own. That's the time when you feel your parents start to get to you and you want to get away from that. 

     Let me tell you this: if you ever get a chance to leave home, whether it's boarding school, college, marriage, I don't know, whatever it is... whatever the first chance of getting your freedom is; ones you experience it, its just never the same when you move back home. I realised that when I went to boarding school, went to college in American, and then returned home after finishing my studies.

    For starters, I have to say I have a lot of restrictions. I'm not really used to being told what to do and what not to do. So its been hard for me. I can't really leave the house when I want without having to explain myself, or telling my parents where I'm going... you know? that kind of stuff. It gets annoying sometimes. I have to admit I feel like a kid again. Anyway, these things happen I guess. I just sometimes feel restricted, that's all. I was wondering if its just me? I feel like a bird who's ready to fly away and I'm lingering on my nest longer than I should. Give me time people, besides Rome wasn't build in a day. 

Here is one of my very own paintings I painted of two lovely birds.

I think I was in a passionate mood when I painted this. Something about birds and flying away, sharing is caring. I feel restricted in so many ways... I don't like that I feel that way sometimes. I want to be free. 

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