Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Twitter Background Designs:

I've had a couple of twitter background designs that I've created, and they kind of just lay there doing nothing after I get another one. I figured I'd share them on my blog since that's another thing I like to do that has to do with creativity (design twitter backgrounds). If you follow me on twitter ( @Spinkly ) you definitely know how many times I change my background and my picture. I usually get bored quickly and I'm ready to change them by the time the week is over. So people probably don't get to see them. If you create or design something, its only fair that you show it. I usually create my background from this cool website freetwitterdesigner.com

 Here is some of my favourite ones that I designed from that site...

This was my first twitter background ever designed

I was feeling all cartoony.

This was when I learned how to line a couple of pictures, I was excited about that.

In the background above I wanted to feature some of my paintings.

Sometimes I do some random designs to display my new hairdo...

Purple's my favourite colour, can you tell?

I love my sisters!!!

I liked this background cause of Rihanna's song, Rude Boy.. if you've heard it or seen it you'll understand the boom boom boom. Lol, that's actually my favourite part in the song.

I did the twitter background above for Valentines Day.

I really love the twilight saga books. Ok, let me just say I'm a twihard, so here's some themed twilight backgrounds that I designed:

The twitter background represents twilight, mostly because of the idea of the apple.

The twitter background represents the four books in the twilight saga.

I had this twitter background when I was reading eclipse

This twitter background was designed for the eclipse countdown.

Sometimes my friends let me do their backgrounds so here is some of the ones I did for @VanikaPink:

After that I learned how to design twitter background on my own without the help of the website which is really cool! I kind of liked the whole Idea and thought I should work on developing my skills. I mean sometime's I'll still go back and use it, but mostly its through the Gimp program that my sister advised me to download. Here is some of the ones I did using Gimp:

These two were kind of the same, but I wanted to change the left image, so I did some editing.

I did the above twitter background for @bakinyi

did the above twitter background for @buramag

Did the above twitter background for @OBURACD

did the above twitter background for @dan_obura 

I did this twitter background for when I'm in love with the music, so I thought I'd represent.

did this above twitter background for @jaberobura 

did the above twitter background for @Achieng12

Did the above twitter background for @VanikaPink

That's some of my twitter backgrounds. They are usually fun to design because they help me explore my creativity. Let me know if you want me to pimp out your twitter page... and Let me know what you think of them by your comments, or hitting me up on twitter @Spinkly

These are some of the things I learned to do on my own, and still learning by the way...


  1. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! Your very creative :D

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